Our Dogs

F1B Medium

Guinness is on loan from Zippity Doodles, thank you! He and Lilly have very nice looking, excellent temperament puppies. He is a curly F1b, a very handsome, and popular gentleman. He is such a character, easy going but very savvy and perceptive.

Standard Poodle

Jasper is on loan from Pikes Peak Poodles in Parker, CO. Pikes Peak is known for producing beautiful and unusual colors in their poodles, and Jasper is one of the finest. Jasper is also a very special pet.

F1B Medium

Ziggy is Lessie and Clancy's daughter. She is probably the most loved goldendoodle in Colorado. She and her guardian Mom are inseparable! She is a therapy dog and brings joy and comfort to many people. She is an F1b and I expect wonderful multigen puppies from her and Gus late fall of 2013. They should be apricot and shades of red.

Golden Retriever

Emily is a model golden in looks and demeanor. She is calm and obedient and a real pleasure to have around. She will be having F1 puppies with Harley, a black and white poodle. For folks who have been asking about black goldendoodles here is your chance to get one! Harley carries red so, by the unreliable rules of genetics, we should get 1/2 reds and 1/2 blacks in the litter. These pups are herel! Emily is also DNA clear for ichthyosis, a skin flaking disorder.


Gus is an F1 goldendoodle from Labradoodle Ranch (they breed goldendoodles too!). His mother is an English cream golden retriever, very light cream in color, and a real sweetheart! Gus takes after her in temperament and his nice thick coat. When bred to an F1b or multigen we will get Teddy Bear goldendoodles, so called because of their lovely, soft, thick coat. His father, Harley, is a black and white miniature poodle.

Miniature Poodle

Robbie Burns is a deep red miniature poodle with white markings. He is a very tuned in and smart boy. He is affectionate and his conformation is very correct. He will make a wonderful addition to the Placer breeding program. Look for his puppies in the fall of 2014 when he completes his testing.

Standard Poodle

Houston is on loan from Dr Richard Wheeler. He is gorgeous, and you can see and a very fine fellow. He has sired many wonderful puppies, very smart and trainable.

Multigenerational Medium

Chloe is a light caramel English (Teddy Bear) girl with a very trainable personality, she is sweet and loved by her guardian parents. They say she is the best dog they have ever had. She is a happy girl as you can see. She is a PGD dog raised here, Ziggy and Gus are her parents. She is well on the way to completing her testing. She has excellent hips like her mom and her grandma Lessie. Both Lessie and Ziggy are outstanding dogs, athletic and smart and very devoted. Gus is very biddable and...

Multigenerational Mini

Lilly is the continuation of my original line begun in 2006. This line has produced mostly red pups with a few apricots. They have had wonderful, loving temperaments, and there are many happy owners out there. Lilly is an extremely smart and loving little dog.She is also a wonderful Mom, taking exceptional care of her puppies. She will be the Mom to small minis, 20 to 30 pounds.


Ginger is a home grown PGD girl, the daughter of Emily and Rowdy. She has a lovely coat of soft curls that does not shed or mat easily. More importantly she is a sweetheart. She lives with a family of 4 boys, who, along with their parents love her. She can play boys games and settle down and cuddle. Bred with a red poodle or golden doodle she will have a mixture of red pups and blackpups. As her father is a parti poodle, with the right male we may get black and white and red and white pups,...