Diet & Food Recommendations

Why a Raw Diet?

I feed a raw diet so I know what my dogs are consuming. They are getting what they need, not a lot of fillers. They are getting human quality food not by products. As an added benefit, their poops are smaller and less smelly and crumble away in a few days. It is very important to balance the calcium-phosphorus ratio, hence the meaty bones. There is a steep learning curve to learn to feed raw, and there are a number of references that I recommend.
PGD dogs are fed a raw diet that consists of raw chicken necks and backs, alternating with beef, lamb and turkey. Pureed vegetables are served once a week and vitamins are given twice a week. Puppies are started out on a raw diet then slowly switched to whatever the new owner will be feeding/
If you will be feeding a commercial food I recommend Life's Abundance. All ingredients are sourced from the USA. Probiotic content for better digestion is on the bag, minerals are chelated for better absorption, selenium (a vital trace metal) is on the form of selenium yeast, a safe form. Meat sources are named, no meat by products of mystery meats or fats. If using a different brand look for these items on the package.

Recommended Resources

Good monthly menu and recipes: Switching to Raw
Other sources of good information: Raw Feeding 101 by Bill Carnes

Recommended Dog Food

Life's Abundance This food meets all my stringent criteria, is reasonably priced including delivery. If you don't feed raw, this is the best.